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Tabla Curriculum

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Level one
• All about tabla In detail, its history and as an instrument.
• The parts of a tabla, How it’s constructed etc.
• Knowledge of Tal, Matra, vhibag, Sum, tali, khali and avartan laye.
• Basic hand position and its finger techniques.
• Knowledge of words played on right tabla and left tabla. Production of such on the tabla
as dha, na, ta, dhin, tin, to, ghe, tirkit, kat,ke.
• Tal introduction of the tal dadra, keherva, teen tal, jhap tal with its theory knowledge.
Level two
• Laye practise.
• Vilambit, maday, drut timing and ekgun, dugan, and chagun practice.
• Two different kayadas with minimum four paltas in teen tal.
• Using simple words dha, Tita, ta, tin, ge, na, ke, dhin etc.
• Practice of kehrva Tal with different type of Kehrva, with vocal music and instrumental.
• Practice Tal dadra with different type of vocal and instrumental music.
• Introduction of ek Tal with practice of different Laye and Layekaris with vocal music.

Level three

• Different kaydas with minimum five paltas with words.
• Dhita, Gudigans, takkda, tirkit etc and solo practice of all kaydas and paltas together with all three levels.
• Jhaptal, three simple tukrae, three tihais, two kaydas with four paltae, variation of tihais and two mukhrae.
• Improve on the ability to recognise sum and mukrae with vocal and instrumental music.
• Notation of tukrae and tihai.

Level four
• Learn Roopak tal, ektal and deepchandi sultaal.
• Practise reciting the above tals in ekgun, dugan and chaugan layakaris with and without the tabla.
• Four advanced difficulty kayadas, mukhrae, tukrae, tihais and paltas in teen tal, chau tal, teevr tal and jhap tal.
• Solo practise with lehra.
• Improve on the ability to produce different bols on tabla recited by another person.
• Recognise different tals with vocal music and instrumental music.

Level five
• Playing solo in tal with lehra, thal teental, pashkara, kayada, rela, gat, tukdas and jhap tal etc.
• Learning how to tune the tabla.
• Composing with different tals.
• Accompanying with the tabla beside different type of singing. For example playing alongside Dhrupad, Dhamar, Tappa and thumree styles of singing.
• Accompanying with tabla beside different instrumental music. For example playing alongside masid khani gat, rajkhani gat and different dhuns of instrumental music.

Level six
• Solo with good proficiency in teen tal, jhap tal, eak tal and rupak tal.
• Accompanying with the tabla beside different vocal, instrumental and light music.
• Learning words like dhir dhir, gidha nage with different lay and lay karis.
• Composing with the bols above.
• More lays.

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